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Right Click Tweak : Add Turn Off, Restart & Log Off Options

With this simple tweak you can add Turn Off, Log Off and Restart option to your Windows XP and Vista whenever you right click on My Computer.

Just download this file and double click on it. It will ask for your permission to add this tweak into registry. Click on Yes and from now whenever you will right click on My Computer you will see the 3 options.

Download Instructions : Click here to download registry file.

Note : This registry hack works both on Windows XP and Vista.


great blog man..i've said it so many times..very good..

good work gagan. Ur blog is very good. i jst want to know is there any registry tweak to add "hibernate" option on right click in VISTA

@ Varun
yes there is a way ,I'll surely write about it today itself !!

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