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Increase Alexa Ranking : A Quick Working Tip

Alexa ranking is a most important factor for webmasters. High Alexa ranking can get you good advertisers. So, today I am going to tell you a quick tip with which you can increase your Alexa ranking.

Just install Alexa toolbar and surf your website with it. Also encourage your visitors to install this toolbar. When your site visitors will surf your website/blog with Alexa toolbar installed this will increase your Alexa ranking.

You can also add Alexa widget to sidebar and tell your visitors to install this toolbar.

How this trick works : Actually Alexa rankings depends upon the users visiting your site with Alexa toolbar installed. So if you have more users with toolbar installed the high rank you will get.

Download Instructions : Click here to install Alexa toolbar.

This is a tried and working trick.


In the tough competition of the search engines, Google being the obvious leader, Alexa is trying every bit to pitch in by introducing more and more lucrative, advantageous and attracting features.

It is obvious that with every passing day the credibility of Alexa is only increasing and getting stronger. The mammoth number of users that is always increasing and the tough competition to the top is testimonial to this fact.

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