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Internet Connection Not Working ! What To Do ! Airtel Broadband Users

I use Airtel Broadband Internet Connection and yesterday when I turned my PC on I was not able to connect to Internet. I tried calling Customer Care but they told me to wait for 24 hrs.

Actually I have a bad habit to solve my problems on my own. I reconnected all wires and also used ping but was not successful. After trying a lot I finally found a solution and I thought to share this method with you all.

If you are an Airtel user this post is useful for you. If your Internet connection stops working here is the solution for it.

First call Customer Care and ask if there is any problem in your area. This tutorial is for those who have paid their Internet bill and are not able to access it.

Step1) Make sure all the 4 lights are Green in Modem. If not then re-connect all the wires and also the wire that connects to USB or LAN.

If all the lights go Green then there is a problem in your Modem connection and if not then there is problem with your wires or ISP.

Step2) Now if all the lights are Green on Modem and still you are not able to access Internet just open Internet Browser and in the address bar type and hit Enter

A Window will pop up and enter the following :

Username = user
Password = password

DSL Router will open and we have to make some changes on the Modem settings.

Step3) In the left sidebar click on WAN and a new page will open. Have a look :

Now click on EDIT and keep on clicking Next until you get this screen :

Click on SAVE and then click on Save/Reboot.

When you click on Save/Reboot your Modem will restart and wait until all lights on Modem are Green. Now restart your PC and you will be able to access Internet.


Really helpful for those who don't know this. Fortunately I do. I have been doing this everytime my internet goes out of order :P


hmm gud one pretty useful ...i also use airtel broadband !!
so it's obvsly useful !!

nice post and very very useful too thanks i was searching this one from a long time ago.....

instead of doin such a long procedure.. v can turn off n then on the modem. it will do d same

@ Gautam

restarting modem will not solve your problem if there is something wrong with modem !!

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