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How To Make Vector Wallpapers : Photoshop Tutorial

I have seen a lot of beautiful Vector wallpapers these days and that's why decided to write a tutorial for my 84productions readers on How to design Vector Wallpapers.

Actually designing a wallpaper needs creativity and this creativity is sometimes natural or comes by practice. I am sure that by reading and following my tutorial you can also create such beautiful wallpapers, all you need is to START.

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Note : This post is for those who knows some basics of Photoshop and want to develop their skills.

Lets Start :

For creating wallpapers you should have these basic things :

1) Theme : About which topic your wallpaper is i.e music, nature, horror, sports etc.
2) Background : What kind of background you want. Your wallpaper is attractive if your background is good.
3) Fonts : You can get alot of beautiful fonts for free from

Ok, now I am making my first wallpaper and the first thing I need is a theme and my theme is Music and here is my background.

Now I add sun rays light effect to my background and a DJ picture taken from Internet.

Have a look :

Here is the tutorial on how to add sun rays light effect to your picture.

Now I'l download some custom shapes and add to my wallpaper and my wallpaper now looks like this :

In this way I can add alot of images and shapes to my wallpaper to make it more attractive. The main thing that makes your wallpaper attractive is good brushes and custom shapes.

My wallpaper is very simple because I haven't added much stuff to it but you can add much more images and effects to your wallpaper to make it more attractive.

Click here to know how to install custom shapes and brushes to photoshop.

Download some custom brushes and shapes from here.

When you'll practice more on it you can design more beautiful wallpapers.

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