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Why And How To Create Drop Shadow To Images In Adobe Photoshop

Images plays a vital role in giving a professional look to your blog. I have seen many blogs (including mine :d ) adding images without giving it a make over. So whenever you add any image to your posts make sure you add at least drop shadow effect to it.

What is Drop Shadow Effect ?

Drop Shadow is a blending option present in Adobe Photoshop. It just give a shadow effect to image. Have a look at the image below

This is the simple image I have uploaded, but after adding shadow effect to the above image it really looks attractive.

Why to create drop shadow effect ?

Adding Drop Shadow effect to images makes it more attractive and moreover gives a proffessional look to your blog posts. Earlier I also used to add images without photoshopping but after looking to some of the blogs (Thanks to Orkutplus for giving this idea) I got this idea and thought to share with you all. So lets see how to create this effect to images and text.

How to create drop shadow effect :

>>First open Adobe Photoshop and open a new image with transparent background.

Note : The transparent image should be quite large than the original picture.

>> Now open your original picture and press crtl+A(select all) and then ctrl+C(copy).

>>After copying the picture paste in the transparent background image created in first step.

>>Now select your image and in the upper horizontal bar select Layer and in the Layer Style select Blending Options. For help see this screenshot :

>> A new window will pop up, put a tick on Drop Shadow and press OK. To merge all visible layers press ctrl+shift+E

>>Congrts you are done !! Isnt that simple !!

>>In the same way you can also add effects to your text also.

From now whenever you have to add any picture to your post always add drop shadow effect.


sure gagan it helps a lot ...;-)

wow... thats interesting...!!!

any suggestions for changing the homeapge...???

Great tutorial thanks. Here is drop shadow generator: Drop Shadow Generator

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