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Which Image Format To Use For Which Image : Interesting Article

Whenever you save any image, have you ever thought that which format is best for your image ?? Alot of people has adopted a rule to save every image file as JPEG or GIF or PNG without knowing what these 3 formats are meant for.

You can ruin the beauty of your image by selecting wrong format. So lets discuss which image format is best for which type of image and I am sure you will like this article.

Lets discuss about these 3 extensions one by one :

1) GIF ( Graphics Interchange Format ) : This format was created in 1987. You should choose this format if :

>> Your image is of very small size.

>> GIF is best for line drawings and clip arts.

>> If you want to make a text image always use GIF format.

2) JPEG ( Joint Photographic Experts Group ) : This format was created in 1990. You should choose this format if :

>> You have a detailed image like photograph.

>> You want to compress any image.

>> It has been seen that JPEG type format is not at all good for text images.

3) PNG ( Portable Network Graphics ) : This format was created in 1996. You should choose this format if :

>> Your image has more than 256 colors in it.

>> If your image has transparency or crystal or any other type of effect in it.

So from now onwards whenever you save any image, make sure you select right format for it.


Nice quick info. However the important things were still missing in your detail list.

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