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Increase Your Adsense Earnings : A Quick Tip

I am not any expert or professional, I only write from my own experience and today I am going to tell you a quick tip with which you will surely increase your Adsense Earnings.

People think that by keeping more ads on their blog/site they will get them more clicks and they are ofcourse right !! But the question is how much will they earn with those clicks. ??

Earlier I used to have alot of ads on my blog, 1 in header and 3-4 ads on sidebar and rectangle ads after each post thinking that I will earn more.... I had around 10-11 clicks daily but my earnings were mot more than .30 $

Then I thought to decrease the ads on my blog and I removed all the ads from my sidebar and that rectangle ad after each post and now I get 3-4 clicks daily but my earnings have increased to 1-1.5 $

I am also surprised, I even do not why is this thing happening but from here I come to know that keeping less ads will generate more revenue !!

You also try this thing and share your experience with us !!


Yes !! its for one day !

true to some extent.. also depend on the content.which is more searchable.. meaning more of hits on the page..

I think the revenue depends on some thing where you are getting the clicks from
if you get clicks from usa earnings will be high and if you get the clicks from india,china
your earnings will be low

Good Earning Online Well me To in...

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