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How To Speed Up Start Menu Search In Windows Vista

When you search any program from Start Menu in Windows Vista it takes alot of time because it starts searching for file index as well. The index file includes all of the searchable files on your hard disk. So to speed up the search we can disable the file index search thus reducing your search time.

So disable seach for file index do the following steps :

>> Press ctrl+R and enter regedit in it and hit Enter.

>> A new Window will open and it is known as Registry Editor.

>> Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER >> Software >> Microsoft >> Windows >> CurrentVersion >> Explorer >>Advanced

>> In the right hand side panel, right click on Start_SearchFiles and select Modify.

>> Set its Value to 0.

Note : 0 indicates do not search.

Now reboot your computer and you will see a huge difference in search speed.


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I'm finding problems with my WMP 11 on windows vista. If I try repairing it by downloading a source file from the net, it says that version is old or something. And I can't play any .wmv files on it.

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