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How To Read Deleted SMS : Only For Nokia Mobiles

Here I am going to tell you that how to get deleted SMS back. Sometimes in a hurry or by mistake some important message gets deleted but you can still read that SMS, want to know how ? Ok here is the tutorial :

Requirements :

1) Any File Explorer like FExplorer etc

Lets Start :

>> Whenever any SMS gets deleted just open your File Explorer (here I am taking FEplorer)

>> In your FExplorer C: Drive is your phone memory and E: Drive is your Memory Card. So we have to look in C: Drive.

>> Now your SMS is saved in C:\ drive, just select and open it and go to System.

>> In the System folder look for Mail and open it.

>> In the Mail folder you will see some folders named 00001001_S, 00100000_S, 00100001_S, 00100002_S and these folders contains files like 00001000, 00100000, 001000001 etc....

>> These files are the messages that you delete from your Inbox. You have to manually check all the files.

>> Now to view your deleted message just select the file and go to Options >> File >> Hex/Text Viewer. When you will select Hex/Text Viewer you will be able to read your deleted messages.


That was a very helpful tip.
Do you know how to unlock FExplorer without knowing the password? I lost mine!

Thanks for the tip. Most useful.

coool... i never knew hsi cud be done... thanks...


If u lost the password, then uninstall FExplorer and install it again.. :)

well that ws really wonderful piece f in4
keep it cumin

Good but dont have nokia phones will try on my friends mobile...

I am using nokia 6630. Unfortunately, the view option is not the same as you mention..mine is Editor/Viewer option. After selecting the editor/viewer option, there is 3 text format option which none display the text in alphabet... :(

Hey i ve nokia 3230 n ma prblm is that-whenever i recieve sumthing frm bluetooth it comes in my inbox,how to change it to memory card coz inbox does not support big files.

@ Aayush

Download an application known as MsvDriveE for S60 Nokia Series !!

This software will directly put ur files into your memory card !! It's available free of cost !


Thanks to the Tips ! very use full!
But I have a problem, I already sucssesful install FExplorer to my Nokia E71, but its strange there is no folder mail in Fexplorer, can you help me??? I also already refresh my mobile many time but still there is no folder Mail.

Please help me,

Thank you - Gagah

well dear i have tried this tutorial on series 60 mobiles but not on E series. Just give me 2 days more and I'll tell you the solution.


Hey this tutorial only works for series 60 mobiles !


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