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How To Make Your Posts Popular On Digg [ Some Quick Tips ]

Digg has 115 rank on Alexa ranking. If you use Digg properly it can boost up your traffic.

If your posts gets popular on Digg you can get thousands of visitors daily but unfortunately many users do not know how to use Digg properly.

So here are few tips on how to make your posts popular on Digg :

>> Only Digg interesting articles : Many of you think that digging anything anytime can increase your traffic but it is not true. Only Digg those articles that you think are relevant and interesting.

>> Comment and comment and comment : When you Digg others posts do comment on it. Always give a genuine comment and in return your posts will get a lot of comments.

>> Delete unwanted friends : Just delete those friends that are not active on Digg. With less friends you can communicate easily thus resulting in more Diggs.

>> Shout back : On Digg you have an option "Digg back". Always shout back to the shouts you receive saying that "I dugg your post and you digg this post of mine..... ".

If you have any Digg experience to share do share it with us.


I dont use digg cos I dont know how to :(


I tried it long time. guess my template had some issue to install this thing properly..never had time off late.. sometime in future may be..

Am just wondering if you know really how to digg your site will be full of visitors right now? :)
Any specific please? Your "tips" was broad really.

very nice article, i use digg every day and hope that one of my posts will get on the Front Page soon.

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