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Use Yourr Computer Like A Fast Server

Hi6000 File Sharing Server is a web server and enables you to share files with your friends or colleagues. You will no longer encounter any difficulty in uploading or transferring files.

Some Key Features Of This Product :

1. Hi6000 File Sharing Server is a web server.
2. It allows visitors to upload/download files easily through a Web Browser.
3. You can easily share photos, music, videos, and much more.
4. Your friends can download files from your computer.
5. They can search for files from your computer.
6. They can upload files from theirs.
7. Easy to install and use.

Download Instructions : To download this application you can visit their official website here.

To get this application full version you can read this post.It contains list of websites that offers free applications,full version and free of cost .. :d

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will the file sharing be faster than the regular messengers,like yahoo for instance...

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