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I Can't Change My Desktop Wallpaper

Yesterday I got a mail asking that "I can't change my desktop wallpaper !!". What can be the exact problem and what is the solution to it ??

About the problem :

There might be two reasons for it :

>>Active Desktop Problem
>>Registry Problem

So lets take these 2 issues one by one.

Active Desktop Problem : Active desktop is an option in Windows that allows users to add new features to desktop like adding a webpage to desktop and many more. This can be a major issue with which you cannot change your desktop wallpaper.

Registry Problem : An error can occur in your PC with which you cannot change your desktop wallpaper.

Here is the solution :

Just turn off your Active Desktop.If you do not know how to turn off see the tutorial below...

Right click on your Desktop and select "Properties". Now go to Desktop tab and select Customize Desktop.
A new Window will open, now select Web tab from top horizontal bar and uncheck all options and click OK.

Now you can change your desktop wallpaper. Yet problem is not solved ??

If you still cannot change your desktop wallpaper I am sure that it is a registry error caused by any of spyware or virus.

To fix the registry error do the following steps :

Open Registry Editor by going to Start and RUN and type REGEDIT and hit Enter.

A new window will open.This is known as Registry Editor. Now navigate to

Now in the right hand side panel look for Wallpaper select it and hit Delete from keyboard or right click on it and select Delete.

Close Registry Editor and reboot your PC now.

Congrats now can change your wallpaper.

If you are still facing any problem justcontact me or comment here.


had this problem once :D i reinstall my windows ......... now i dont need to install new windows :D

never had such probs...
informative it was...



that was highly informative...

kp writing...
technologically illiterate people like me need more of thsi...

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