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How To Watch Youtube Videos In High Quality

Today I am going to share a Youtube tip with you.Sometimes it is very annoying when you are watching any low quality video on Youtube.You are unable to read the text while watching any tutorial.So here is a very simple trick with which you can watch Youtube videos in high quality.

This will not boost up the quality but will surely increase it.So here is the simple trick.

When you are watching any just just add the following code to the end of the url




For example :

If the video url is

Just add the code and your url will look like this :


Here is the proof :

Screenshot of original video :

click on the image to enlarge

Screenshot of video after applying the code :

click on the image to enlarge

The video will load slower but quality will definitely increase.Do not believe me ??Try it yourself and do comment here, is it working or not !!

Note : This trick will work on 90 percent of the Youtube videos.


Wooohoo...thanks a lot man!
Ive personally experienced problems:)


hmmm... will try this out sometime.

hey now dats a gud thing..will surely try dis

nice tip...will try it out sometime...

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