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How To Speed Up Acrobat Reader : Just Like Notepad

People having less RAM faces problem when they open Acrobat Reader, it takes alot of time to open. So here is a tutorial to make your Acrobat Reader load faster like Notepad.

Lets start :

Go to the folder where Acrobat Reader is installed. By default it is located in C:\Program Files\Adobe

Now open Reader 8.0\Reader

Note: If you are using version 7 then you will have to open Reader7.0\Reader

In the Reader folder you will see alot of directories and the trick is just move all the files and folders from plug_ins directory to Optional directory.

Note : Do not copy , you have to cut all the files and folders. Keep in mind that while applying this trick your Acrobat Reader is not open, because if it is open you will get an error saying " The files your are trying to move is currently being used by another program".

Congrats you are done .. ) Now open Acrobat Reader and feel the difference in speed.


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