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How To Make Your Web Page Load Faster

If your web page takes too long to load user may switch to another website or will close the window.If you make a blog/website make sure that you do not put heavy graphics,sounds in it.This can be sometimes annoying to the people using low bandwidth Internet connection like Dial Up users resulting in reduction in visitors :( So here I am going to tell you that how you can make your page load fast.

Before starting just go to Website Speed Test and check your load time for your blog/website.I am sure that by the following tips ,you will surely decrease the page load time of your blog/website.

So lets start :

Remove Unwanted Sounds and Videos

I have seen many blogs putting their favourite songs that play in background.I do not understand what is the use of it ? It only creates a negative impact on the user ,nothing else.How ?? Your web page will take double time to load.

So if you have any background songs in your blog,just remove it and then see the difference in the load time.Same is the case with the videos also.Instead of putting up the whole video just give the link.

Do Not Use BMP Images

As BMP images are 10 times bigger in size than JPG or GIF so do not use it.Your browser can hang if you use BMP images.

You can also reduce the size of your images for faster loading but do not reduce much as reducing the size of the images can affect the quality of the image.

Simple Design

Always use a simple and neat looking template.See this blog for demo.

Among all the templates Minima is the simplest of all.

Avoid Images In Sidebar

I always seen many bloggers putting images and links to the blog directories they have registered.I see no need of it.If your content is good your visitors will surely increase.

Less Use Of Javascripts And External Scripts

Minimize the use of javascripts and external scripts.When you open any web page it first reads the source code ,complex javascripts take much time to load.So always avoid it.

Credits : Bizwhiz

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nice i think i dont need it :)

Hi gagan, this was informative post. I know my blog takes a lot of time to open. My new theme even makes it slower, I think so. Can you please visit my blog once and note how much time it takes. M waiting for your reply.

Meanwhile I made a comparison between your and my blog through the website speed test you mention. Hey but the accuracy of the site is not good, it shows red bar to your side also. 83.49 KB 0.84 seconds 0.01 seconds 90.96 KB 0.62 seconds 0.01 seconds

The figure shows that there is not much difference.

useful & informative post!!!!
that website speed test was gr8...

check out my blog

thanks for the info

check mine blog too

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