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How To Download Flash Files In Mozilla Firefox

Ever wanted to save flash movies in Mozilla Firefox without any extension. No ?? Then here is a trick for you all.

Whenever you visit a web page and wish to download any flash files you view its source code and then find the link to flash file and then download it. No need to follow such long procedure when you have a simple solution.

Just right click on a web page and select View Page Info.
A new window will pop up just click on Media tab above and select the swf file and click on Save As.

Just have look here :

click on the image to enlarge

Isn't that simple and useful.

That is why I prefer Mozilla Firefox as it is secure and faster and gives many new features. You can download Mozilla Firefox from Right Sidebar.


Thats was a nice Info !! Thanks !!
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this is awesome ppl like us dont about it :D

I always wanted a way to download Youtube videos from Firefox

In IE, you go to Docs n Settings > User Profile > Local Settings (Hidden) > Temporary Internet Files > and then select the largest sized file. ... (generally flash videos :P)

This was reallly cool ...

thanks man ... :)

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