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Blogger Added A New Page Element : Blog List

Blogger added a new page element called Blog List.The Blog List improves on our Link List page element by using blogs’ RSS and Atom feeds to show update times, post titles, and snippets.

We bloggers often use a feature known as Blogroll in our sidebar.So Bloglist will help you to customize blogroll.It will show when the blog was last updated and will tell the title and snippet of the recent post also.

You can add as many blogs you want.Just open Blogger and goto Layout>>Page Elements.
In the sidebar click on Add A Page Element and select Blog List.
Enter the blog URL and you are done.You can even choose whether the blogs should be arranged by update time or alphabetically.

Just give it a try and do comment here,do you like blogger's new feature or not.


thank God, we wont have to depend on blogrolling & other websites for this nifty job!!

ya, i know this feature dude/// feature.Will surely check it out

agree with shayan cool feature

useful feature...i wl check it out..thanx

Gagan i have already commented...
So I would like to ask about my Rock paper Scissor game...
Did u download and try it???

U ALSO SEEM 2 BE IN how far hav u gone

highly feature filled ...rite...??n come in handy too....

n whats more its highly customizable....
im already tryin it...

hey gagan ty for the info dude

btw ur blogger tricks were useful

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