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Userscripts for Orkut Not Working? Tutorial To Get Them Working Again

As emails and questions are pouring in, this post is the answer to your question on why orkut userscripts have stopped working and how you can get them working again. To be specific, Indian (and Brazilian) orkut users are facing this problem because of the regional domain redirect by orkut. Here is a simple tutorial for Indian (and Brazilian) users to get their themes working again.

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hmm, may they read it who are in need of this tutorial.

oh tnx !!

i was wondering y all my themes of orkut dissapeared suddenly !!!

Ok since you are begging to NOT to abuse, I won't use abusive language!

take care!

how to see locked album in orkut ?


that bug is fixed by orkut !! That hack is not available now !!

when the url is pasted on the greasemonkey add column and add is clicked nothin is getting updated what should be done?????

plz tell me how to install these themes??????????/
i din't kow....!!

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