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Some One Created Your Fake Profile - How to Get it Removed?

Some Created My Fake Profile - What to Do?

It is not a tough job to get a fake profile removed from orkut. The simplest step which would do is to scan and send your identity card to orkut staff. Use this form. You may also like to put additional pressure on orkut staff and the fake profile maker by following these below stated instructions to get the result quickly in your favor

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hey ur blog is very helpful to me learnt many trick ........... keep it up man !

this post is really helpful !
keep posting good stuff !

this one's much in demand nowadays!

this one's much in demand nowadays!

Yea man Ive heard about it..But thanks to you for putting the info at a convenient place :)


Cool, this is very helpful information. By d way this was my first visit to your blog. N dude, you know what your blog rocks!

Keep going.

Thanx Dan* !!! keep visitng !!!

hey nice would be useful in future...

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