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Kaspersky Error : You Must Restart Your Computer Before Proceeding With The Installation

Yesterday when I was trying to install Kaspersky Anti Virus 7 I was getting the following error again ang again

"You Must Restart Your Computer Before Proceeding With The Installation".

click on the image to enlarge

I tried restarting my PC again and again but this error did not stopped.This could happen to you also so here is the solution.

To remove this error type Windows+R or simply go to Start and then click on RUN and write "regedit" without quotes and hit ENTER.

Registry Editor will open.On the left hand side panel goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>>SOFTWARE>>MICROSOFT>>WINDOWS>>

In RUN you will see the following entry :


Just Right Click on it and click Delete.

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Now close your Registry Editor and you can now install your Kaspersky 7 without any error.

Why this happens :

This happens because of Zone Alarm Firewall or Anti Virus.If in past you had installed Zone Alarm product it stops installation of Kaspersky.There are many products that are not compatible with each other.I will surely discuss them in future.

If you are still not getting any solution drop a comment here I will reply.


just never stops restarting…tried deleting “avp6_post_uninstall” every single time and still fails…no idea why CA eTrust Pestpatrol 5.0 keeps appearing under incompatible software time and time again

i looked at the regedit string, and i dont have a avp6_post_uninstall

any ideas?

I can't find avp6_post_uninstall. If you have any solution. please email to

if u do not find avp6_post_uninstall try finding and deleting the following registry also !!


I have just bought Kaspersky Internet Security Version 7.0 and due to having previously installed AVG I was having the same problems as several other people.

Luckily I found your website on a Google search and I really would like to thank you for providing this sort of help.

I followed your instructions and now have Kaspersky installed.

Without your advice I would never have managed to do the installation and would just have got more and more frustrated.

I would like to thank you again for your help, it really is truly appreciated.

Best wishes,

John Barker

Great..! It worked for me. Thanks a ton for your suggestion.


I had no problem installing KIS 7, but I came here with the "you must restart ..." problem when installing KIS 2009. I edited the registry following your instructions, and deleted avp6_post_uninstall, and it solved the problem. Thanks for the advice. I had spent hours trying other things without success. worked for me

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