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How To Remove NewFolder.exe !!

You might have heard about a threat named "NewFolder.exe".This malicious application comes under "spywares" category.

About The Spyware :

This spyware is mainly found in your Flash Drives and formatting these Flash Drives do not delete this spyware .Whenever you will double click on it ,it creates its another copy automatically in all drives.

What harm can it do :

  • This spyware can disable your task manager,registry editor.
  • If it infects your pen drive it can make data transfer very slow.
  • Also makes you PC Games to run slow.

How To Fix It :

Before fixing this spyware I would like to tell you that please turn off System Restore Option because if you restore your system this spyware will come again.(click here to know how to turn off system restore)

There are two methods to remove this threat.

  • Automatic
  • Manual (For Advanced Users Only)

Removing It Automatically :

As I told you this is spyware so you can download and install a good anti-spyware like

  • Super Anti Spyware (recommended)
  • AVG Anti-Spyware (recommended)
  • Spyware Hunter

And scan your computer with any one of the above mentioned anti-spyware.

And to remove this spyware from your Flash Drive ,put it in and scan it with any of the above mentioned anti spyware.

Removing It Manually :

Open Task Manager by pressing "ctrl+alt+del" and kill the following processses :

  • libedit.dll
  • newfolder.exe
  • shelliddono.dll
  • srv0104.ids
  • srvidd20.exe
If these processes are not killed in Normal Mode ,then perform this task in Safe Mode.

After that you have to delete all illegal registry entries caused by this spyware .Just delete these following illegal registry entries.

Key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run for nwiz.exe

Value: @

Key: software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run\alchem

Value: @

Key: software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run\zzb

Value: @

Note : This method is only for advanced users.If you do not know what is registry editor and how to add/delete entries,please follow the other method.

If you any help regarding this post feel free to ask me.


hey this post was very useful for me.. this spyware is a big prob in our hostel as nearly all the systems got infected with the pendrives shared by many... thnx a lot...

thank man.everytime i get frustated to delete newfolder.exe. now iam relief

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