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How To Change Windows Boot Screen Manually

You might be knowing about the Boot Screen.The screen that appears when system boots up is known as boot screen.

There are many applications available with which you can give a new look to boot screen and can change them automatically,but I believe in doing things manually.

So in this tutorial I will tell you how you can change Windows Boot Screen manually using Resource Hacker.

If you do not know about Resource Hacker first read this post.

So lets start :

Open Resource Hacker and press ctrl+o now go to your Windows directory and then open System32 folder,and search for NToskrnl.exe file ,click on open.

See this screenshot for help :

click on the image to enlarge

After opening expand Bitmap and you can change the bootscreen by replacing the default bitmaps to your own created bitmaps.
Press ctrl+s and you are done.Now reboot your PC and see now you will see your own boot screen and not the default one.

Need any help about resource hacker feel free to drop me an email at or comment here.


great post dude...presently im using tune up to change boot screen....i will try this

I must say there's lots of useful info on your blog.
Nice work.

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