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Disable Copy Paste Option In Blog

Here I am going to tell you that how you can disable copy text option in your blog.Well do not think that this trick can stop anyone to copy content from your blog because this trick can be bypassed easily by experienced Internet user.

Download: click here to get this script.

Its a RAR file and you will need Winrar to open it.You can download it from here.

How to use : Just copy the whole script and paste it in between your head tag i.e


your code.........


Click on Save Template and you are done ....:)


Interesting script.. will come in handy with scrappers i guess.. looking forward to more such stuff mate...

excellent stuff did n e 1 tried this ??

y havent u tried in ur blog


there are many reasons i hvnt tried this on my blog as my blog contains many scripts that readers have to copy and paste it in their blog and if i disable copy paste option they will have to write the script thats why !! there r many reasons tooooo

@ gagan

o i c ! By the way this script works :)

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