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Bhindranwale Orkut Theme !!

In the memory of Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale I present Bhindranwale Orkut Theme for all Sikh Members.

Requirements :

  • Firefox : You can download Firefox from right sidebar and install it

  • Greasemonkey : You will need greasemonkey to install this theme,you can know all about greasemonkey from here.(read this post to know all about greasemonkey)

  • Screenshot :

    click on the image to enlarge

    Download : click here to install

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    Nice info man! But m not too much into modifying orkut :P

    good ,..but i like to read poems ,...

    the theme is really gr8 and makes my blood warm after remembering 84!!!
    isint it guyz the rite choice for sikhs

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