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Best Firewall Compatible With Nod32 Kaspersky Norton McAfee Avira Antivirus

A personal computer without a firewall can be hacked easily.Windows Firewall is of no use as it can be bypassed easily.Before installing any firewall make sure that it is compatible with your antivirus.

This is a known problem that sometimes Firewall disables antivirus or vice versa.This is because you choose wrong pair of firewall and antivirus and incompatibility with each other causes this problem.

This can cause harm to your system files also.So in order to get proper knowledge about which firewall is compatible with which antivirus I am writing this post.

Top Ten Antivirus (This is not from any website,I am ranking these antivirus from my own experience)

1)Nod32 Antivirus
2)Kaspersky Antivirus
3)Norton Antivirus
4)McAfee Antivirus
5)Avira Antivirus

So the firewalls compatible with these applications are :

Zone Alarm Firewall compatible with Nod32 Antivirus.
Comodo Firewall compatible with Kaspesky Antivirus.
Agnitum Outpost Firewall compatible with Norton Antivirus.
McAfee Personal FireWall compatible with McAfee Antivirus.
Comodo Firewall compatible with Avira Antivirus

Note : Before installing personal firewall software on a Windows XP computer, be sure that the firewall built into Windows XP is turned off.


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