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Backup All Posts And Comments In Blogger

Like wordpress ,blogger does not give any option to its users to backup their data like posts,comments etc.

I have seen many cases when bloggers accidently deleted their posts and they had no option to get it back.Blogger does not give any option but there is one other way to backup all your blog posts and comments with BloggerBackup.

About the software :

Its a third party application which allow bloggers to save all your posts and comments and restore them again when needed.

Screenshot :

click on the image to enlarge

Download Instructions :

Visit this link and download the latest version.

How to use :

  • Just install the application and Open it.
  • In the drop down menu in available blogs select "Add/Update/Remove Blogs".
  • A new window will pop up and then enter your blog username and password (do not worry it is safe to enter your password as it will not be stored) and click "Log into Blogger and Get Blogs".
  • Just select your blog of which you want to backup all data and click OK.
  • Again in drop down menu in available blogs your blog name will appear,select it.
  • Select the folder in which you want to backup your data.
  • Select your desired options and click Backup posts.If you want to backup comments also put a tick mark beside it.
  • Then wait for sometime so that your posts and comments are saved in your hard disk.
  • Yippe...all your posts and comments are now safe.If you want to restore your posts and comments repeat all steps mentioned above and click on Restore Posts.

Congrats have saved all your posts and comments and no need to worry if any post gets deleted accidentally.

Note : Please make a backup of all your posts daily or weekly.

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