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Watch YouTube Deleted Videos In Delutube

Here’s an interesting website I came across.Delutube randomly plays a youtube banned video on the main page.

How it works :

Whenever YouTube bans a video ,the video is removed from end users sight but it is not immediately removed from the server, Deletube fetches the video directly from server.It looks illegal, so my guess is once this goes way publicity there are not going to stay for long.

So enjoi and visit : Deltube


well thats really interesting but i have one question are the videos which are deleted from youtube are there on delutubes or delutubes support other videos too? and since youtube is owned by google who is the current owner of delutube?

hey hey..this looks interesting...yeahhh m curious now..wats the ans for ricks que gagan???

I must say although i think i have mentioned it earlier that ur blog is very well organised..
Keep it up


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