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How to change fonts in S60 Nokia Mobile Phones !!

This method is tested by me and is 100% working.Many of you might have got bored with the default font in your S60 mobiles phones.So in this tutorial I am going to tell you that how you can change the default font to any of your favourite font.

Before starting this tutorial I feel the need to tell you about the requirements to change the font :

  • Fexplorer or Profiexplorer
  • Font Remover
  • GDR Converter
  • A S60 Mobile Phone

So lets start :

Step 1 :

First install Fexplorer in your mobile.You can download Fxplorer from here.

Step 2
After installing Fexplorer ,download any desired font.You can download fonts for free from

Step 3
The fonts you downloaded from above website is in .TTF format but the fonts used in S60 mobiles are in .GDR format.So to convert .TTF to GDR you will need GDR Converter.
You can download it from here.

Step 4
Now when you are ready with your GDR fonts,its time to copy that font to your mobile.

Step 5
Installing Font By Bluetooth :
Select the font and send it in your mobile.Now open Fexplorer and then open INBOX,copy the font from your Inbox and Go to C:/system and create a folder named this way "fonts" without the quotation and paste the font in this folder.

Step 6
Exit FExplorer or Profimail and REBOOT YOUR MOBILE.

Now when you will start your mobile new fonts will be installed.

NOTE :You need to understand that you can only use ONE FONT at one time.

You cannot delete this installed font directly because when you will delete it error will come saying file is already in use and cannot be deleted.

So there are 2 methods to restore default fonts :

1)Change the folder name in C:/system from FONTS to FONT.
2)Download Font Remover from here,install it in your mobile and run it.

To install other font follow step 2.


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