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Get 6 Different IDs in 1 Yahoo ID

Got bored of that one old email id, want to make 6 new ids in a single Yahoo id ? Then this tutorial is for you only.

Yahoo provides you to create upto 6 profiles in your existing Yahoo ID.This means that you have 6 different IDs but email account only one .Isnt that cool !!

Following are the steps to create your Yahoo profiles :

Method 1

>>Open and log into your account.Click on OPTIONS on the upper right corner and then go to ACCOUNT INFORMATION.Fill in your password again and in the right sidebar click on "Edit/Create Profiles".

Method 2

>>Log into your Yahoo Messenger and goto Messenger>>My Profiles and then click on Create/Edit My Profiles.

Now you can chat with upto 6 ids simultaneously and fool your friends.


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