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Free CD/DVD Burning Tools For Windows MAC Unix And Linux

I always prefer freewares for performing simple tasks like converting audio and video, burning CD/DVD... because they are smalll in size and very easy to use.

The main reason behind using them is that they are virus free. So here is a list of some free CD/DVD burning tools for Windows, MAC, Linux and Unix.

1) InfraRecorder : InfraRecorder is a free CD/DVD burning solution for Microsoft Windows. It offers a wide range of powerful features; all through an easy to use application interface and Windows Explorer integration.

Features :

a) Create custom data, audio and mixed-mode projects and record them to physical discs as well as disc images.
b) Supports recording to dual-layer DVDs.
c) Blank (erase) rewritable discs using four different methods.
d) Record disc images (ISO and BIN/CUE).
e) Fixate discs (write lead-out information to prevent further data from being added to the disc).
f) Scan the SCSI/IDE bus for devices and collect information about their capabilities.
g) Create disc copies, on the fly and using a temporary disc image.
h) Import session data from multi-session discs and add more sessions to them.
i) Display disc information.
j) Save audio and data tracks to files (.wav, .wma, .ogg, .mp3 and .iso).

Download Instructions : Click here to download.
Runs On : Windows

2) K3b : K3b is an open source application for creating/burning CDs and DVDs.

Features :

a) Include CD and DVD ripping with DivX/XviD encoding
b) DVD copy
c) ISO burning
d) Video CD (VCD) creation
e) Audio CD creation for almost any audio file
f) CD-TEXT support for audio CDs
g) Support for DVD-RW and DVD+RW and much more

Download Instructions : Click here to download.
Runs On : Linux

3) CDRDAO : CDRDAO (CD recording Disk At Once) is an Open Source CD burner which performs basic CD burning as well as more advanced features for audio CD creation.

a) Full control over length and contents of pre-gaps (pause areas between tracks). Pre-gaps may be completely omitted, e.g. for dividing live recordings into tracks.
b) Support for exact audio, data and mixed mode CD copying.
c) Support for R-W sub-channel writing.
d) Tracks may be composed of different audio files supporting non destructive cut.
e) Accepts WAVE and raw audio files.
f) CD-TEXT reading and writing with drives that support it.
g) CDDB access to automatically create CD-TEXT data.
h) Support for on-the-fly copying.

Download Instructions : Click here to download.
Runs On : Unix, FreeBS, Irix, Solaris, Linux

4) Burn : Its a burning application for Mac OS X.

Download Instructions : Click here to download.
Runs On : MAC


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