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SEO Training in Chandigarh

Get professional SEO training in Chandigarh. live projects. In this SEO training you will get to know how actually the work is done in big IT companies and SEO firms. Click here to know about SEO training in Chandigarh

NFL Week 17 Picks Against the Spread

Cool Math Games : Week 17 of the NFL season brings the 2010 regular season to a close in style. The NFL has scheduled all divisional games to end the season and it has created interesting season ending games. The AFC West has been decided but this competitive division is all about bragging rights to close the NFL season. The NFC North is decided also but the Chicago Bears can eliminate the Green Bay Packers from the NFL Playoffs with a win this weekend. Best NFL Week 17 Picks Against the Spread

How To Watch IPL 2009 Cricket Matches Online

IPL, Indian Premier League is starting from tomorrow 18th April. This series can be seen live on Set Max channel but I am sure many of you enjoy watching cricket matches on PC. Many of you, who do not have access to this channel can watch all the IPL matches online.

Want to know how ? Just visit AskVg for more info.

How To Permanently Delete Data From USB Flash Drives And Hard Drives

Virus is a common problem in USB Flash drives, simple formatting flash drives does not delete the data permanently and can be recovered easily. Here is a portable application called DiskWipe which will permanently delete data from your flash drives , this tool will wipe any kind of virus in your pen drives and flash drives.

Screenshot :

Download Instructions : Click here to download the portable version.

How to use it :

First download Disk Wipe from the above link. Now insert your pen drive in the USB port.

Now open DiskWipe, as it is a portable version, no need to install it. In the left hand side , select the drive whose data you want to delete permanently. Have a look :

Now, at the top click on Wipe Disk.

Select your file system, erasing pattern and confirm erasing. The deleting process will start.

In this way you can delete all the data from your pen drives, flash drives, hard drives with this simple tool.

Get ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite For Only $9.95 For 1 Year

Zone Alarm is offering its Internet Security suite only for 9.95$ for 1 year. The license is valid for one year for up to 3 PCs.

This offer is only valid from April 14, 2009, 6 am PDT to April 15, 2009.

The Internet Security Suite includes :
Operating System Firewall
Two-Way Firewall
Identity Theft Protection
Parental Controls
Visit and enjoy : Click here to get Security Suites only for 9.95$

Happy Vaisakhi : Brrrrraaaahhhh

Wishing all the readers of 84Productions and all the Punjabi's living in the world, a very Happy Vaisakhi.

How To Measure The Width And Height Of Any Element In Mozilla Firefox

Today's post of mine is about a web designing tool. This tool helps in measuring the accurate width and height of any element on any web page. No need to first download the file and then view its size. With MeasureIt, simply draw a ruler across any webpage to check the width, height, or alignment of page elements in pixels.

Have a look :

How to use it :

First install MeasureIt from here and restart your browser.

Now suppose, I want to know the exact size of my 84Productions logo, first click on the MeasureIt sign at the left bottom of Mozilla Firefox window. Have a look :

Now click and drag the ruler to select the 84Productions logo and it will automatically show you the exact width and height in pixels of the selected image.
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Easiest Way To Check Modem Passwords : Working Trick

Last time I wrote a detailed tutorial on Airtel Broadband Hack. You all loved that post and I got a lot of traffic from that single post. Today, I am going to tell you that how you can know any password stored in the modem. For an example, I am taking Airtel's Beetel 200BX Modem. Lets start :

1) Open any Internet broswer (Mozilla Firefox recommended) and in the address bar type and hit Enter.

2) When you will press Enter, a Window will pop up asking for User Name and Password. Use the folowing details :

User Name : admin
Password : password

3) Now in the left hand side click on WAN.

4) Now in the right hand side panel, click on Edit. Have a look :

5) Now keep on clicking Next until you get this screen :

In the above screen you will see 2 things PPP Username and PPP Password.

6) Now, to view the hidden password, right click on the screen, select This Frame and click on View Frame Source.

7) In the source code page, search for pppPassword.value and the password will be written next to it, in single quotes.

Now you can use this password to increase your Internet connection. Want to know how ? Then see this post.

Good Bye Blogger, We Are Moving To Wordpress

Today, I am really happy to announce that finally we are moving to Wordpress. Yes you heard it right, now 8Productions will be in a new look and new domain name. I was quite busy with this work that is why I didn't updated this blog from past few days.

Well, the new domain is a surprise for you all, was already taken so I took another domain name. Currently, I am searching for a new design for my blog. If you have any new template in mind, do suggest me :)

I am really happy and excited that is why I could not resist myself to share this news with you all. Waiting for your comments and feedback and suggestions.

Few days more and we will be on Wordpress. See you at Wordpress.


Top 5 Sites To Create Flash Games Online : Absolutely Free

Here is the list of top 5 websites for creating games online. No need of any flash skills or action scripts. You can create games in few clicks of mouse button. So visit and enjoy :)

1) SimsCarnival : Read this post of mine to know about this website in detail.

2) Sploder : justregister an account for free and start creating your own flash games and publish it on web. It even allows you to easily put Flash games on your site without having to learn Flash.

3) Mygame : Its one of my favourite website, as it has got a lot of options for creating flash games.

4) PlayMyGame : Easy to use website to create flash games online. Just upload your picture, adjust it and start playing.

5) Fyrebug : Create your own games in just a few clicks with Fyrebug's Creation Station. It's free, and easy to use website.