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How To Place Google Ads In Middle Of The Post In Blogger

All you are aware that Google ads can be placed at the top and bottom of the post. Placing ads here gets a lot of clicks thus resulting in more revenue. But there is a way to put Google ads in the middle of the post. According to me its the most profitable area to put ads.

Yesterday I edited my template and placed 468 x 60 size text ad in the middle of the posts to check the difference in my clicks. When today I opened my Adsense account I was surprised to see that my number of clicks were doubled.

How to put ads in the middle of the post : is a blog that tells the procedure in detail about inserting ads in the middle of your post. It also covers some FAQ's about what Google says about such placement of ads.

Merits of placing ads in middle :

  • If your blog gets much traffic then its good to place ads in the middle. It will surely increase your earnings.
  • If you are concerned only about making money then it will be a good idea to place ads in the middle of post.

Demerits of placing ads in the middle :
  • If your blog is young and has limited traffic do not try this hack as its will increase your Page CTR to a very high number. Google can ban your account if Page CTR reaches very high.
  • This format of ads cuts the HTML code and ruins the beauty of your article. This does not creates a good impact on the new visitors of your blog.
So visit and enjoy this hack :


Great tut bro ! It works, but the problem is that its showing up my html code and it does not look good at all.

Post it my blog :)

Credits to you and ads in middle :)

By the way, the codes will not work if you parse it. Okay, just to tell you.

Bloggerbuster is also using this format. I asked her but she didn't replied !! Thanks Gagan.

thanks a lot ...this is something I was looking for

It did not worked for me, can you guys explain again?

Thanks - MV

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