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How To Submit Your Blog To Google :Get Traffic From Search Engines : Part1

Arun a regular visitor of this blog asked me that I have made a new blog,now what's next ? How will people come to know that I have a blog ? This is not only Arun's question but many of your's also.

So Here I will tell you that how you can submit your blog to google.

So lets start :

Remember one thing that the main source of traffic to your blog is search engines,and the most famous search engine is Google Search Engine.So submitting your blog to Google Webmaster will not only increase your blog traffic but will increase your Page Rank also.

To submit your blog/website to Google visit this link.

Login into your Gmail account and you will be asked to enter your site URL.Enter your blog/website URL and click "Add Site".

Then you will have to verify your account.There are two methods to verify your account :

  • Adding a meta tag

  • Uploading a HTML file

  • If your are a blogger you can use "add a meta tag option" and if not you can use second option also.

    For Bloggers :

    Click on Add a meta tag and you will be give a code like this :

    click on the image to enlarge

    Copy the code given by google and open Blogger.After that click on Layout>>Edit HTML.

    Search for <head> and paste that meta tag code after <head>.Save your template.After saving go back to Google webmaster and click on verify.

    After verifying go to Sitemaps in the left sidebar.

    click on the image to enlarge

    Then click on Add A Sitemap.In the drop down menu it will ask you 4 options,but you just select "Add General Web Sitemap".

    After that it will ask you to Add Sitemap URL.There are only two ways to add a sitemap and they are :


    Just enter your desired option and click Add General Web Sitemap

    Congratulations !
    You have submitted your blog to Google Webmaster

    This was the first part of how to increase traffic, keep visiting for more parts in this series.


    yeah, many people had asked this question in the community and its gonna help them i'm sure

    Hea Can you explain me what We have to put in the add sitemap option? which link..? when i put 'rss.xml' An error come, and when i pur 'atom.xml' an error comes...what to do to overcome it?


    u have to put the whole url not just only atom.xl or rss.xml

    and the whole link is

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